The Koeppe family originated in Germany in the Margraviate of Brandenburg, which today is the Federal State of Brandenburg. The first documented location for our ancestors is in the area around the town of Jueterbog, southwest of Berlin. Many of the descendants still reside in the area west of it in towns in the eastern part of the state of Saxony-Anhalt. A cousin in Bremen, Germany has traced the early descendants and is very active in broadening the Koeppe family tree. His Internet site can be reached through this link: Ancestors of Klaus Koeppe.

His research determined that the early ancestors lived in the village of Dorf Zinna. Today this village doesn’t exist any more. It was merged into the military training and gunnery area for the Prussian Army. Further details under this link: http://www.dorf-zinna.info/

Our family line moved from Dorf Zinna to the area around little town of Zahna in Sachsony-Anhalt. Our ancestor Gotfried Johann Koeppe settled in the village of Zallmsdorf, 5 km east of Zahna. Zahna is one of the oldest towns in Sachsony-Anhalt.

Zallmsdorf is a colonists village founded around 1459. Colonists villages were founded by immigrants from the western parts of Germany. The rulers of the Land, namely the archbishop of Magdeburg, the counts of Brehna and the King of Sachsony, left the land to the colonists on favorable terms. Below is a picture of the village.

The original name of Zallmsdorf from that time was Salmerstorp. The village lies on the highway from Wittenberg to Jueterbog, via Zahna, Gadegast and Seyda.

 Zahna and surrounding area has been continuously settled since 2000 BC. This is verified with archeological research findings going back to that time, as well as from the 6th century BC until the Great Migration of the Germanic Tribes. At that time the tribe of the Semnones settled the area. At the end of the 6th century AD the Tribe of the Sorbes took over the settlements. In the Middle Ages the area was populated with settlers from Flanders (Belgium). Subsequently the whole area became known as The Fläming (named after the Flemish).

Today Koeppe families are spread throughout Germany. However, the heaviest concentration is in the states of Sachsen-Anhalt and North-Rhine-Westphalia. Koeppe descendants can also be found in North America and Australia.