Family History

To start with some information about the origin of the four main branches of our Family Tree. They are the Doose, Koeppe, Bollinger and Graber families. Other branches through marriage include the Allen, Beavis, Hainsworth, Hyland, McTeague, and Wright families. Doose was also spelled Dohse, Dose, Dosen or even Doss in past generations.

Doose and its variations still occur today in the Bretagne, through Flanders, the Netherlands, Friesland, into Holstein and on to Denmark. The Dosen name occurs today in Norway and one could speculate about a Viking connection.

During the Nazi era (1933 to 1945) Doose-family genealogists published several treatises in which they sought to prove ties of the family name to the old Germanic tribes. Nothing could be established with certainty. From today’s perspective, these genealogists were likely devoted followers of the Third Reich and its ideology who wanted desperately to prove their Teutonic Germanic descent. They certainly reflected the prescribed thinking of the time.

Doose Origin

Our family roots are in Germany. Our ancestors come from East Holstein in Northern Germany. Today this is part of the State of Schleswig-Holstein. The oldest ancestor, Hinrich the old One, was born around 1580, likely in Neustadt, a small town on the shores of the Baltic Sea. He is then traceable to the village of Zarnekau east of Eutin. He and most individuals in the key lineage were blacksmiths and free citizens. The rest of the village population working the farms and estates were serfs of the local gentry.

In the 1700’s one of our ancestors moved to Lebatz, a little village outside the town of Ahrensbök in Holstein about 30 km southwest of Zarnekau. Like his father and grandfather before him he was the blacksmith for the village. His descendants lived in villages around Ahrensbök well into the 20th century.

One of them, Johann Detlef Heinrich Doose, travelled through Germany as a journeyman in the 1890’s. Our line descends from him. In his travels through Lower Silesia he met his wife, they married and settled in Kuestrin on the Oder river, approx. 100 km East of Berlin, early in 1900. After WW II the family settled in Duisburg in the Ruhr area in West-Germany. Our branch then emigrated to Canada in the late 1950’s.

Learn more about Eutin and Ahrensbök and Holstein. Note: much of it is ONLY in German.|1039.206.1#history

Koeppe Origin

The Koeppe family originated in Germany in the Margraviate of Brandenburg, which today is the State of Brandenburg. The first documented location of our ancestors is in the area around the town of Jueterbog, southwest of Berlin. Many of the descendants still reside in the area west of it in towns in the eastern part of the state of Saxony-Anhalt. A cousin in Bremen, Germany has traced the early descendants and is very active in broadening the Koeppe family tree. His Internet site can be reached through this link: Ancestors of Klaus Koeppe

Koeppe families are spread throughout Germany. However the heaviest concentration is in the States of Sachsen-Anhalt and North-Rhine-Westphalia. Koeppe descendants can also be found in North America and Australia.

These Links provide details on Zahna and  Zallmsdorf and surroundings. However, it is ONLY in German:

Bollinger Origin

The Bollinger family roots start in the Turbenthal in Canton Zurich, Switzerland. First mention of ‘Bollinger’ is during the late 1200’s. The family can be directly traced to around 1440 and continuously since then. Our branch then moved to the town of Zurich, later to Schaffhausen and finally to Canada.

Ancestry research started in the early 1970’ties under Hedy Bollinger-Lienhard. She created and published the “Chronik of the Bollinger’s of Neubrunn”, which is the basis of our early ancestry data. She was supported in her efforts by Dr. Erwin Jaeckle who is a Bollinger on his mothers side. His contacts in the Canton of Zurich and at the Federal level in Bern were instrumental in the ability to go back as far as the 1400’s. In 2006 Hedy Bollinger-Lienhard issued her latest research: A contribution to the history of the Bollinger’s of Neubrunn and the 4 places called Bollingen (Beitrag zur Forschungsgeschichte der Bollinger von Neubrunn und den 4 Orten Bollingen). For details see Ancestry Data – Links: Beitrag zur Geschichte der Bollinger …etc ..

This is the link to Hedy Bollinger-Lienhard research report:

This Link provides details on Turbenthal and surroundings. However, it is ONLY in German

Graber Origin

The Graber family also originates in Switzerland in Sigriswil, Canton Bern. With the help of family data and the church book records of Sigriswil their ancestry has been traced to the middle 1600’s. Earlier data was likely lost in the fire of 1671, which burned down the church.

Our branch of the family emigrated during the 1800’s from Sigriswil to East Prussia to establish many dairies and cheese factories. However, at the end of WW II everything was lost. A number of family members were deported by the Red Army to Siberia (despite being Swiss citizens) where almost all died. Descendants of this line of the Grabers today reside in Germany, Switzerland, France, Brazil and in Canada. Assisting in our family research is a cousin of my wife in Wilhelmshaven, Germany.

This link provides details on Sigriswil and surrounding villages. However, it is ONLY in German