Our Ancestors

they came from little villages in East-Holstein and Brandenburg in Germany, from a village in the Canton Zurich, and from a little town on the shores of Lake Thun in Canton Bern in Switzerland. The site is in English and in German – select the language with the top right button.

Johann Detlef Doose



Our ancestors come from East Holstein in Northern Germany, today part of the State of Schleswig-Holstein. The oldest one was born around 1580 and is traceable in the early 1600’s to the village of Zarnekau east of Eutin. In the 1700’s one of the ancestors moved to Lebatz, a little village outside the town of Ahrensbök in Holstein about 30 km southwest of Zarnekau. Like his father and grandfather before him he was the blacksmith for the village.

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Emil Bollinger

Bollinger close-up


In today’s valley of Neubrunn, located between Bichelsee and Turbental, lies the village of Neubrunn. In the old days It belonged to Tannegg. Here we find in 1362 the 1st Bollinger who farms the land (“der das Land buwet” – Chronic of the Bollinger of Neubrunn). The great-grandfather of Hans Bollinger, who in 1458, received the farm in Neubrunn from the abbot of the monastery of St. Gallen, was likely the same Bollinger that farmed these lands in 1362.

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Anna Koeppe

Koeppe close-up


The Koeppe family originated in Germany in the Margraviate of Brandenburg, today the Federal State of Brandenburg. The first documented location for them is in the area around the town of Jueterbog, southwest of Berlin. Many descendants still reside there and in the area west of it in the eastern part of the state of Saxony-Anhalt. Our line moved in the middle 1800’s to the area around the little town of Zahne and settled in the village of Zallmsdorf.

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Daniel Graber

Graber close-up


The family originates in Switzerland in Sigriswil, Canton Bern. With the help of family records and the church books of Sigriswil it has been traced to the middle 1600’s. Earlier data was lost in the fire of 1671, which burned down the church. Our branch of the family emigrated during the 1800’s to East Prussia to establish many dairies and cheese factories. However, at the end of WW II everything was lost.

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The ancestry data represents the four main branches of our Family Tree. It covers the ancestors and descendants of Klaus Doose and Regina Bollinger. Included are the Koeppe (Köppe) and Graber Families. Through marriage the McTeague, Hainsworth, Beavis, Allen, Wright, Hyland and other families have been added.

The origins of the families are in Germany, Switzerland, England, Ireland and the USA. Doose was also written as Dohse, Dosen or Dose in the past. Some family branches still write it like that.


To my wife Regina and our children Carl and Ann, to my family and friends, to all the wonderful people who cared enough to help, search and share, give advice and make this research so much easier.

Special thanks to my cousins Klaus Koeppe and Armin Graber, also to Stephan Dethlefsen for help in deciphering the early ancestors. Thanks also to Marianne Kantor and her data on the Graber’s from Trunz in East Prussia. Without all of you these Internet pages would not be here.

After the death of our parents it became evident that family history will be lost forever if we don’t write it down. This should not happen. I picked up where my father-in-law had stopped with the Bollinger Genealogy, and then began to add information about the other families. Klaus Koeppe helped me with his data for our Koeppe ancestors, Armin Graber in deciphering the Graber entries in the church books of Sigriswil in Switzerland, Marianne Kantor re-established contact of two Graber family branches. Lastly Stephan Dethlefsen, with his knowledge of the Eutin data and many years of ancestry research, brought order to the very early Dosen-Dohse-Doose ancestors.

The work is incomplete, but ancestry research and family history is never really finished…


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